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This survey is suitable for any property type including:
• Houses, Flats & Coach Houses
• Unusual or Converted Properties
• Older, Listed & Historic Buildings
• Modern Houses & Flats
• Substantially Altered & Adapted Buildings
• Properties of Standard or Conventional Construction
• Properties of Non-Standard Construction.


Buying a house is exciting, but it's also a big investment. You wouldn't jump into a pool without checking the depth, so why buy a house without knowing what's lurking beneath the surface? That's where we come in.

We're your eyes behind the walls, your X-ray for hidden flaws. Our comprehensive Building Surveys reveal any potential problems, big or small, before you sign on the dotted line.

What is a Level 3 / Building Survey (previously known as a 'Full Structural Survey')?
A Level 3 or Building Survey (essentially different terms for the same Survey) is the top level of Survey available. This is the most detailed level of Survey and is suitable for all property types.

At South East Surveyors, we go over and above the normal industry standards for a Level 3 / Building Survey including a wide range of non-standard services, all within the quoted fee. We believe in providing a full and thorough service on each and every occasion.

For most people, purchasing a property will be the largest financial commitment you make in your lifetime. Therefore, it is essential to be fully informed before proceeding to buy your new home. South East Surveyors Building Survey is the most comprehensive pre-purchase survey you can get for your money. This is our most popular survey and contains all the information you require, for any property type, to give you complete peace of mind as to what you are purchasing with your new home.

What is included in a Building Survey?
• Extensive desktop study (including typical concerns such as planning history and flooding, through to specialist searches for broadband availability and air pollution levels).
• Full and thorough inspection of property and grounds, using specialist equipment as standard for each and every survey (including thermal imaging cameras, hygrometers, camera pole access for high areas, endoscopes etc. all in addition to industry standard equipment).
• Extensive annotated photographic survey and useful diagrams
• Advice on construction and associated issues
• Advice on existing and likely potential defects
• Advice on health and safety risks
• Advice on repairs and improvements
• Advice on elements that will require more frequent or costly maintenance
• Detailed advice and general summary of legal matters to be investigated by your legal adviser
• Observe services in everyday operation

This report will give you a comprehensive overview of the property, including all apparent and potential defects. The report will also greatly assist with solicitor enquiries and environmental concerns. The report can also help assist with potential renegotiations of the agreed purchase price, saving you money!

When and why is specific repair and maintenance advice essential?
Level 3 / Building Surveys are the only Survey type that includes detailed specific repair and maintenance advice. At South East Surveyors, we recommend that only a Building Survey would be suitable where:
· The property was built pre-1930
· The property has been significantly altered and adapted
· The property is of traditional construction (solid wall construction, bungaroosh construction etc.)
· The property is in poor condition.

For older properties, specific repair and maintenance advice is essential as they require to be repaired and maintained using traditional materials and techniques. Modern techniques and materials are often completely unsuitable and can make issues much worse. Unfortunately, all-too-often we have found that contractors (who do not have the necessary qualifications or experience) carry out repairs using materials and techniques completely unsuitable for older properties. Therefore, it is essential that your Survey contains the necessary information to enable you to instruct the correct repairs/maintenance to be carried out.

Instead of just looking at the surface, we're:
• Deep-diving into damp issues: Our expert Surveyors specialise in diagnosing moisture-related issues using the latest technology and techniques including specialist damp equipment that most of our competitors do not provide.
• Unearthing any potential structural issues: Cracks, uneven floors, or dodgy alterations could mean big bucks down the line. We'll spot them before they become your headache and tell you exactly what needs to be done to get them sorted.
• Inspecting roofs and high-level areas: We utilise telescopic pole camera technology to give us increased visibility of high-level areas, quite literally over-and-above what many of our competitors provide.
• Giving you a clear picture of the property's condition: With our detailed reports and expert advice, you'll know exactly what you're buying and what repairs might be needed.

But why choose us? We're not just another brick in the wall:
• RICS & RPSA qualified surveyors: Our Surveyors are all qualified with both the RICS & RPSA who meet the highest professional standards. You're in good hands.
• Tailored surveys to your needs: We offer different levels of bespoke surveys to suit your budget and property type. No one-size-fits-all approach here!
• Clear and concise reports: No jargon, just plain English backed-up with full photographic evidence. You'll understand exactly what we find and what it means for you.
• Peace of mind and bargaining power: Knowing the property's true condition gives you the confidence to negotiate the best price and avoid nasty surprises.

As with all of our surveys, we will also discuss with you any specific concerns or requirements you may have for the service to ensure these are included in your report.

We can also provide market valuations and/or BCIS Cost reinstatements for any survey we provide. Please advise if you wish to include these services in your quotation.

How much does a Building Survey cost?
Due to the complex and individual nature of properties in our local area, we cannot provide a standard price sheet. We ask Clients to provide us with the following basic information and will always review each property individually and provide a bespoke quotation depending on the property features:
· Full property address
· Agreed purchase price
· Details of the estate agent the property is being advertised with
· Any specific requirements or concerns you may have regarding the property.

Do you provide cost estimates for remedial works?
All of our Surveys include both a summary of the main repair items and full details with the relevant report sections, however we do not provide cost estimates as a general rule. This is due to the rapidly changing nature of remedial works costs and the potential for variability depending on remedial options, further investigations etc.

Quotations for any necessary remedial works will need to be obtained from relevant contractors. We advise generally you try and obtain around 2-3 quotations for any necessary works which will help to iron out any discrepancies in the quoted prices and also provide a much firmer base for potential renegotiations with the vendor. Will be more than happy to help point you in the right direction for the right type of contractor/consultant where applicable and provide advice on the suitability of any quotations in accordance with our advice and report findings.

Do you recommend specific contractors for any necessary remedial works?
As a general rule we do not tend to recommend specific contractors for impartiality and our inability to verify the validity and quality of works carried out by third parties. We always advise obtaining around 2-3 quotations for any necessary works which will help to iron out any discrepancies in the quoted prices (and also provide a much firmer base for potential renegotiations with the vendor). Some works may require specialist contractors (i.e. works to building services) where the contractors quoting should be members of the relevant governing/trade bodies. We generally list these in the report but are always happy to help with finding the relevant trade bodies.

We are always more than happy to look through any quotations received to help advise on suitability in comparison with the findings of the report.

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