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Surveyor in Sussex

Why get a survey?

For most, purchasing a property will be the largest financial commitment you make in your lifetime. Statistics show on average, people purchase a property only once every 23 years, therefore it is essential to choose the right Surveyor for the job!

Buying a home can be very complex and there are hidden pitfalls that can leave homeowners facing significant remedial works bills.  In some extreme cases, you could be left completely unable to sell your home. South East Surveyors will help calmly and expertly guide you through this process, and often help save significant sums of money and aggravation!


Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that a mortgage valuation is a survey carried out for you. 


This is not the case!


Confusingly, mortgage valuations are sometimes referred to as ‘a valuation survey’. However, a mortgage valuation generally includes only a very brief 15–20-minute inspection and is produced solely for the bank/lender to make a lending decision. This is not a survey that gives you the information you need to make an informed decision on purchasing a property. In order to be informed about the home you are purchasing; a survey will be required (in addition to any mortgage valuation).

 Our goal 

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know about the property so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed, this can include scenarios such as:

  • Peace of mind that the property has been thoroughly examined and there are no significant concerns preventing you from buying the home.

  • Certain defects are flagged that require immediate attention before you exchange contracts. We can help advise about potential renegotiation of the purchase price to reflect the costs of any such defect(s).

  • Significant concerns raised that could be costly to remedy and/or make resale of your home potentially difficult in the future. While this can obviously be disappointing, it is best to be fully informed about the potential implications before you legally commit yourself to purchase.

  • Occasionally, we may identify early on that there could be serious issues with the property before we commit to producing the report. In such circumstances, we will contact you and ask whether you wish to proceed with the property. This is a service many surveying companies do not offer and could potentially help prevent you from paying for a survey that will be of little use to you. We want all our customers to feel they have received full value for their money on each and every occasion. 

Surveyor in Hove
Surveyor in Brighton


We do not believe in unnecessary scaremongering, and instead have a logical, scientific-based approach to our surveys using cutting-edge tools and techniques which provide you with advice based on evidence, not assumption.

Our photograph-led reports explain in a clear and unambiguous way exactly what and where any defects are present and, most importantly, what you need to do about them. 

We also offer free consultation after we have delivered each report to talk through any queries you may have regarding any aspect of the report. We pride ourselves in our customer service and welcome any questions. We understand property issues can seem complex and are always more than happy to answer any questions in the simplest way possible. As Einstein once said, "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough". 

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