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This survey is suitable for anyone looking for a detailed report on a specific issue within a property


We provide Defect Reports for specific issues of concern within a property. These can include (but not limited to) issues such as:
• Damp
• Condensation
• Structural concerns
• Roofs
• Woodworm
• Timber rot / decay
• Thermal efficiency
• Health and safety concerns

The report will focus on the issue(s) of concern and will provide a diagnostic analysis of the issue and will outline any necessary remedial works that are required. It should be noted this survey is not a Building Survey of the entire property and will only focus on the issue(s) of concern.

How much does a Defect Report cost?
Due to the complex and individual nature of specific defect reports and properties in our local area, we cannot provide a standard price sheet. We ask Clients to provide us with as much information as possible regarding the history of the defect in question in addition to the below:
· Full property address
· Any specific requirements or concerns you want included in the report.

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